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About our NOC

The “nerve center” for Axion Business Technologies Proimpressions: Managed Services and Help Desk support helps keep constant vigilance of our clients’ technology investments.

Axion Business Technologies advanced Network Operations Center (NOC) is the foundation for delivering industry-leading Proimpressions: Managed Services and Help Desk support. Staffed by our team certified Systems and Network Engineers, the NOC is a controlled environment with rigorous support procedures that allows us to take a highly proactive approach to client support and technical service.

Serving as a single-point of accountability and contact, the NOC provides:



Clients are continually made aware of the status of their systems as well as the services we deliver.


The NOC is easily and directly accessible to clients via e-mail, ticket submission, or phone.


Our engineers are experienced and deliver award-winning technical support and expertise.

When network-related alerts are generated by clients’ technologies, notifications are routed to the NOC where Axion Business Technologies technical staff can quickly detect, diagnose, resolve, and protect against disruptive events. From our NOC, we monitor the health of clients’ network hardware, servers and workstations, data backup, and more—ensuring their technology assets are performing as expected.