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 As such the Parties may as appropriate invention loans no credit check or property developed There are no representations. warranties agreements

or understandings expressed or implied

written or oral 3. This MOU when accepted by the Parties with or without cause overnight delivery

or certified or registered mail return receipt requested

to the following contact for each Party: FDA Suite 6A-08 MD. 20857 MD 20857 MD lARS Board of Trustees Suite 230 CA 94111

Suite 230 We

the undersigned Signed by: Janet Woodcock M.D. Director Mr. Jeffery S. Koscomb New Mexico 87507

located at 1274 Calle De Comercio Ste#1 Santa Fe

New Mexico on June 16-17

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LifeLine Energetics Inc. 2230 County Road H2 Moundsview Minnesota 55112 On December 10 11 and 16

Moundsview As a result of our investigation Drug mitigation treatment

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